Priding itself on its sustainability and high fish welfare standards, The Kingfish Company recently announced its purchase of land for an upcoming land-based facility to further its aquaculture production.

The Company is committed to environmentally friendly practices, such as running its facilities on green energy, with custom made heat exchangers. All the water used in these facilities is purified, filtered, and returned to the sea.

The Kingfish Company currently produces the Dutch Yellowtail and is one of the largest Yellowtail producers in the EU. The facility is based in Jonesport, Maine, and once completed, will be Kingfish's first production facility in the U.S.

'The facility will serve as Kingfish's first production facility in the U.S. as the company looks to replicate its successful operation in Europe and establish significant local sustainable seafood production for U.S. retailers and food service,' says Kingfish Company.

Their purchase of land comes after two permits were approved by the State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP) earlier in November. This allows Kingfish to begin pre-construction design and engineering.

'These announcements represent a major milestone in The Kingfish Company's execution of its expansion strategy, and its focus on technology driven local production of high value import dependent seafood in the EU and the US,' says Ohad Maiman, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer. "Today, Kingfish Maine is one step closer to achieving fully operational status, and we are ready to build on our proven blueprint and scale our technology locally to service our network of distributors nationwide."

In recent months, Kingfish confirmed a nationwide retail partnership in the U.S. with Whole Foods to sell its Yellowtail products  across the country.

For more information about The Kingfish Company visit their website, HERE.

Image credits: The Kingfish Company

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