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Multinational feed additives producer Nutriad, in cooperation with Cairo University, successfully launched the MycoGut Academy in Cairo (Egypt) with 75 attendees from the Middle East. The three-day event cantered around an interactive poultry focused program, that included practical and class rooms sessions.

The knowledge transfer provided and access to global experts was met with great enthusiasm and further confirmed Nutriad's position as key solution provider for mycotoxin risk management across species and countries.

The MycoGut Academy Goal aims to create awareness on the connection between mycotoxin contamination and bacterial challenges. Attendees learned more on identifying necrotic enteritis and different types of mycotoxins, and on the incremental effect of mycotoxicosis on bacterial challenges. Mycotoxin experts from around the world attended the event to provide learnings from case studies in different regions.

Erik Visser, CEO Nutriad, commented, "The MycoGut Academy is another example of how Nutriad interacts with its' customers and distribution partners, transferring knowledge and jointly creating multi-platform solutions that address real life production challenges. Nutriad is committed to the Middle East and we want to grow with our customers. The interaction with attendees from Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, RKSA and UAE not only provided us with the opportunity to share our experience as a global company, but also allowed us to get more insight into the specific needs of our customers."

For more information visit the Nutriad website, HERE.


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