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Nutrifish is a leading aquaculture integrator based in Monastir, Tunisia. The company focusses upon commercial feed processing and marine farming with a natural approach and focus on sustainable development. It provides feed and marine fish known for their freshness, traceability and quality.

In 2018, Nutrifish planed for a state-of-the-art aquafeed mill in Monastir, Tunisia, 20km from the commercial port of Sousse. With a capacity of up to 30,000 tonnes of premium feed per year, Nutrifish can give a new dimension to the manufacture and formulation of food in Africa by offering farmers feed adapted to local market conditions, while maximising the profitability of their breeding.

Equipped with the most up-to-date technologies and equipment and delivered by Famsun based on its best practices in aquafeed mill design and project delivery from other projects globally, the Nutrifish feed mill can produce sinking extruded feed for seabass and seabream with premium quality, high feed meat ratio and good pellet appearance.

Nutrifish's high quality product is produced on a Famsun five-to-six tonnes-per-hour extrusion line. Machines on this line, including the SWFP66*125D hammer mill, SWFL150G ultra-fine pulveriser, MY150*2 extruder, MGZDH2200*4-16 dryer, PTZL3000 vacuum coater, etc, are all proven models in aquafeed production. The combination of these advanced machines are provided as part Famsun's thoughtful considerations according to the unique production requirements of Nutrifish. As a result, Nutrifish have achieved excellent operational efficiency and production has become incredibly streamlined, leading to great success.

This feed mill is also complemented by the post-grinding processing technologies installed inside. This advanced process flow arrangement helps Nutrifish reduce its investment in steel structures and ingredient bins. It is also distinguished by its raw ingredient adaptability and can avoid bridge troubles in bins. Famsun also provides guidance to help Nutrifish design their steam recovery, which has proven to be a greater energy saver in the facility due to reduced steam consumption in production.

Supports from local and for local

This project was delivered by the locally-based Famsun African solution team with assistance and support from the Famsun manufacturing base in Egypt. By closely collaborating with Nutrifish, Famsun has shortened the delivery time from the scheduled 120 days to 99 days. Thanks to their advanced know-how and controls put into place, Nutrifish can guarantee the standardisation of its products as well as their high quality.

Besides being supplied to its own farms, Nutrifish's high quality product will also be delivered to local market and the neighboring countries to help boost marine fish farming in Africa.

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