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As the Spring 2021 edition of the Online Aquafeed Production School passes number six of the 12 session educational program, the organisers and virtually attending candidates continue to enjoy the benefits of its building momentum.

Welcoming attendees from all over the globe and featuring a broad range of topics from the world of aquafeed production, each Online Aquafeed Production School session features two hours of live training.

The live training is then followed by a virtual question and answer session with a panel made up of the speakers from that particular day.
Running until July 20, 2021, the weekly sessions are also broadcast on consecutive days in order to accommodate two different time zones. 

Organised and delivered by Progressus Agrischools and International Aquafeed magazine, each session is scheduled for the audience in Europe and Asia, each session is broadcast twice.

The first of the two transmissions is scheduled specifically for the audience in Europe and Asia, with candidates able to join the Tuesday session at 14:00 Bangkok Time/09:00 CET Time.

The Friday session, which is timed specifically for candidates from the US and Latin America, can be joined at 10:00 Chicago Time/13:00 Buenos Aires Time.

If you are reading this and the course has already started, then worry not! All 12 episodes will be available to re-watch on demand for two weeks following the completion of the course.

When finished, all candidates who have either watched or attended all 12 session will be awarded an industry accredited certificate, and a new piece of information to add to their CV.

For more information, visit: www.onlinemillingschool.com/omsaquafeed

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