As the Autumn edition of the Online Aquafeed Production School reaches session seven of twelve, this week's session focuses on the extrusion process within aquafeed production cycle.

With this subject dispatched with in the same level of detail that we have all come to expect from the Online Aquafeed Production School sessions, the organisers would like to remind any potential candidates that places are still available and all missed sessions can be caught up upon following the broadcast of the final session in December.

Split into four key sections, the first features a review of extrusion that utilises twin screw technology by Aquafeed Production School regular Joe Kearns, followed by a two part dissection of twin screw aquafeed production by Brian Streit, director of pet food and aquatic technology for Wenger Manufacturing.

Mr Streit covers two areas relevant to this topic -  twin screw extrusion and process control & automation, with each talk sitting astride the weekly five minute coffee break.

Like the previous six sessions in this edition, this one begins with a warm and welcoming introduction from Yiannis Christodoulou, founder/owner of Progressus Agrischools Asia, followed by two hours of live training, with proceedings brought to a close with a very thorough Q&A session.

The two hours of live training cover a broad range of topics from the world of aquafeed production including ingredients, equipment used, how it is operated and the desired final product specifications.

The aim is the course is to help you to build up an understanding of the design, development, and operation of an aquafeed production plant for the range of products typically used in this industry.

Subjects covered this week include ingredients, a general nutritional review, equipment used, and why are discussed, affording candidates the opportunity to understand the possibilities and developments over time with regards to what can be produced and how all aspects of the process interact for successful aquafeed production.

Organised and delivered by Progressus Agrischools and International Aquafeed magazine, each session is scheduled for the audience in Europe and Asia, each session is broadcast twice. The first is on Tuesdays at 9am (CET) for viewers in Europe/Asia, and the following Friday 10am (Chicago time) if you will be joining from the US/LATAM time zone.

Registration is now open and limited spaces are still available, for more information visit the website HERE.

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