Otaq, provider of marine technology solutions for aquaculture, offshore energy and sports and leisure industries has announced its multi-year distribution agreement with Sensor Globe, a Canadian aquaculture technology provider. This comes after completion of a successful development period, resulting in Otaq successfully securing its first customer in Chile.

Following the agreement, Otaq will be distributing Sensor Globe's data collection, which is utilised to monitor water quality and fish welfare for fish farmers, and is targeting Scottish and Chilean markets as two of the largest producers of farmed salmon.

The piece of technology is designed to 'flow with the fish' through its pumps, pipes, treatments and machinery, whilst measuring water quality and its impact on fish. Operators are provided with the ability to monitor real-time data remotely via a user interface. It collects data such as temperature, pH, acceleration, conductivity and shock, all of which can be seen in real time. There is also the option to leave the globe sensor at a site for months at a time, returning later to retrieve data for analysis.

"The Sensor Globe adds a complementary product to our aquaculture portfolio which builds on the range of solutions already available to our clients," explains Phil Newby, Chief Executive Otaq. "Having secured our first customer for the Sensor Globe market in Chile, we are now looking forward to representing the Sensor Globe in our core markets and progressing the market opportunity."

"We see huge potential in the suite of complementary aquaculture solutions given the positive impacts they can have on fish stock welfare and production volumes."

Sheamus MacDonald, Chief Executive and Co-founder of Sensor Globe spoke of their "excitement" to be working with Otaq.

"Partnered alongside their technology in Chile and the United Kingdom will allow for us to collectively further enhance fish welfare during all stages of fish production," he says.

For more information on Otaq visit their website, HERE.

For more information on Sensor Globe visit their website, HERE.

Image credit: Sedna Tech

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