Our latest application into The Animal Feed and Nutrition Awards is from Italian company PLP Liquid Systems: their CARDESA solution for the accurate and precise dosing of feed. These awards are given to the most impressive innovations in the realm of feed procesing, nutrition and machinery.



The Cardesa is an automatic system for the manual dosing for micro-powder components. The system is used for the semi-automatic compilation of recipes. In feed mills, very often a large number of powder ingredients are used, which are added in small quantities and for this, sometimes, it's not convenient to use automatic dosing systems.

The Cardesa systems allow the products to be stored all in a single space, which is customised according to customer needs. The operator, through a control panel placed on the machine, will be able to automatically call the product requested by the formula.



Please note: Applications into The Animal Feed and Nutrition Awards 2020 are now closed.

Winner(s) will be announced at the VIVCTAM Animal Health and Nutrition Asia Network Reception in March 2020.

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