NaturalShrimp has issued a production update on its facilities operating in Iowa and Texas, reporting that they are expecting production to increase in both facilities.

The retrofit and ongoing production of 20 percent the Webster City facility in Iowa has confirmed the company's patented treatment technology can adapt to existing aquaculture facilities. Production continues to increase each month and will begin stocking in an additional 20 percent this month, bringing the total production area to 40 percent of the building.

"We continue to focus on the retrofit of our production facility in Webster City and are encouraged by the confirmation of the adaptability of our treatment technology," comments Gerald Easterling, CEO of NaturalShrimp. "As we steadily increase stocking in the completed retrofits, we are confident production will rise."

Retrofit of the facility has included replacing the tank biofiltration with NaturalShrimp technology and upgrading the tank heating system. Retrofit of the remaining 60 percent of the facility will happen next, in order to increase weekly production to approximately eight kilograms by the second quarter of 2023.

Development of a hatchery at the Blairsburg facility is beginning, which will enable the company to control the post larvae supply while lowering the cost for other facilities.

At the facility in Texas, the production team were forced to cut back feeding of the shrimp after a water treatment plant fire damaged electrocoagulation equipment and drum filters. Consequently, growth of the shrimp slowed for two weeks, and production is now back on track. Expectations for production is for it to increase each month and reach a weekly total of almost three kilograms during the first quarter of 2023.

The company's patented electrocoagulation treatment is capable of removing ammonia from tanks before it converts to nitrites, without using a biofilter in a recirculating aquaculture system.

"We are pleased to announce that production has resumed using our emergency mobile treatment system in our Texas production facility with minimal delay," adds Mr Easterling. "Looking ahead, we expect to scale up regular production in the coming months."

This announcement comes a month after NaturalShrimp's report that its hydrenesis technology had been successfully applied to Hanilu Farms. You can read more about that HERE.

For more information on NaturalShrimp visit their website, HERE.

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