The International Symposium on Fish Nutrition and Feeding (ISFNF 2020) will be taking place May 31st - June 5th, 2020 at the Bexco (Busan Exhibition and Convention Center) in Busan, Republic of Korea. Combining culture, history and creativity with fast-paced innovative development, it's the idea location for ISFNF 2020 BUSAN.

The suggestion to organise the International Symposium on Fish Nutrition and Feeding (ISFNF) evolved from the International Union of Nutritional Sciences' Nutrition and Production of Fish and Shellfish Committee III/2 in 1988.

The Committee had the mandate to:
1) Review the current status of fish nutrition research and development in the world segments
2) Organize and conduct seminars, symposia and fish nutrition sessions at national and international meetings and report findings and progress in fish nutrition research
3) Develop standardization techniques to conduct fish nutrition research
4) Develop lists of scientists in the world conducting fish nutrition research and their areas of expertise
5) Promote the use of fish as experimental animals in the general area of nutrition research. IUNS council dissolved all the committees including Committee III/2 in 2001

ISFNF is held every two years with a length of four full days. No parallel sessions are held during the symposium. Workshops for discussion with industrial partners, researchers and students may be organised before or after the symposium, never in parallel.

The program has been released:


Registration is now available for the event, HERE.

For more information visit the ISFNF 2020 website, HERE.


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