On 19-20 January 2022, the IFF are hosting the online conference ‚ Insect revolution! Healthy, sustainable, protein rich and delicious'. This conference is for food and feed nutritionists, owners and operators of food and feed manufacturing processes, companies and organizations looking to advance their knowledge and understanding of the potential of insects as alternative sustainable protein carriers.

This two-day conference – a total of 9 hours of in-depth knowledge and understanding of the whole production process reviewed by leading experts in the field is highly recommended for both food and feed production professionals in 11 separate presentations.

The global increase in world population requires the development of new protein sources. The FAO predicts that the demand for meat products will double to around 410 million kg/a in 2050, that means the global demand for processed products from animal production is increasing, and with it the demand for protein-rich animal feed.

Alternatives must be found to cover the protein requirement or to close the widening protein gap. The feeding of processed animal proteins from insects appears to be particularly suitable as an alternative to replace fish meal and soy meal in animal feed. A large number of different insects is suitable for this, such as the mealworm (Tenebrio molitor), to use them as a protein and fat supplier in animal feed.

Compared to other animal protein carriers, insects offer several advantages. They provide very high-quality proteins that contain all 21 proteinogenic amino acids. They are also excellent feed converters with protein conversion rates of around 1.5:1 and have a short generation time.

The demands of the insects concerning space and water are low and a low production of greenhouse gas emissions in comparison with other livestock distinguish them, therefore we show with our online seminar 'Insect Revolution' how to raise insects industrially and which boundary conditions have to be observed.

About the IFF
The International Research Association of Feed Technology offers an in-depth insight into the research activities of IFF Institute, and the opportunity to take an active part by contributing ideas.

The IFF Research Institute is the scientific centre of the compound-feed technology and its suppliers. For 60 years, it supports the whole branch by results of joint research projects and service performances exclusively for companies. Further, the IFF offers qualified training and upgrading courses, seminars for executives, process technological tests in the institute and in feed mills.

Examples for the IFF service offer are, besides a multitude of training courses, e.g. safety analyses of feed mills and expert assessments, installation, documentation and auditing of management systems, explosion-protection documents, HACCP, pelleting, expanding and extrusion tests for components and mixtures, testing the working accuracy and carry-over of premix and compound feed plants, optimization of the mixing process, stability tests for additives, spraying behaviour of liquid components, physical and chemical analyses, literature and patent searches.

For more information visit the IFF website, HERE.

Register for the Conference, HERE.

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