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The Online Milling School is offering its second 12-week feed manufacturing course and is calling on attendees to sign up. The Winter 2020-21 Course starts on Wednesday December 2, 2020 at 14:00 (GST+7) and runs each week until March 17, 2021 taking into account Christmas/New Year and Chinese New Year public holidays.

The success of the first course, which also offered a series of 12 weekly two-hours sessions focused on various aspects of feed manufacturing, has encouraged the organisers - Milling and Grain magazine and Progressus AgriSchools based in Thailand - to offer its second Course with a mixture of live and recorded presentations, live Q&A with discussion and a range of new presenters.

The first Course awarded students and attendees who participated in all 12 sessions a certificate of attainment in 'Feed Milling Production Management.'

'We were pleasantly surprised at how many students completed all 12 sessions in the three-month period,' said Milling and Grain publisher Roger Gilbert and on behalf of Yiannis Christodoulou the managing director of Progressus AgriSchools.

'That was some commitment. We had not expected the course to be so sought after.

'We could see from the weekly attendance those students who for various reasons had to miss a session or two so we offered them individually the opportunity to complete missing sessions at the end.

'From the average weekly attendance we have issued one 40 percent of students with certificates. That's a fantastic outcome and shows that those individuals working in and around feed manufacture globally are extremely committed and keen to learn and achieve. Our industry is fortunately to have staff like this,' he adds.

Those who did not received an individual on-demand request to fill missing sessions in the first course are now being invited back to complete those missing sessions in Winter Course.

'We expect then to be able to award their certificates which they have committed so much time to. I feel the certificate will have a value in reflecting a feed manufacturer's desire to continue learning and to show all who employ him/her that they are knowledgeable in all the various aspects of feed production,' said Mr Gilbert.

'My hope is that this will become an industry-recognised certificate that supports our factory operatives and management within and between countries.'

Supplier support
The course is offered at US$30 per session or US$360 for the full 12 sessions - which means that signing up for the full course makes it easier to login and stay up-to-date.

'We can only offer those completing a meaningful number of sessions the opportunity to catch up using the on-demand option at the end to complete all sessions for the Certificate,' added Mr Gilbert.

The Winter Course is also available to those who want to delve in and out and refresh or learn more about specific aspects of the milling process.

The OMS is looking to companies who supply feed manufacturers to sponsor their customer's mill staff and managers who would benefit from attending the full course. This was a key factor for the first Course and we are very grateful to those companies who did support us, Mr Gilbert adds.

'This is a great way a company supplying our industry can demonstrate its support for the industry in these turbulent times,' said Mr Gilbert.

Sponsoring attendees
This is a great way a supply company can show its commitment to customers by supporting training that feed manufacturers would not otherwise have access to.

The weekly session fee is just US$30/session and the full course of 12 session is US$360. However, there are many millers in transitional countries particularly that on their own cannot effort to attend the online course even at this nominal rate.

The OMS is calling on industry suppliers to support their customers in training millers. The first course showed us that many supply companies were prepared to support training and learning for their customers, said Mr Gilbert.

Companies can also sponsor individual sessions. Please contact Tuti Tan ([email protected]) for details.

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