Registration for VIV Asia is now open.

VIV Asia, a key exhibit for the aquaculture industry, has now opened its registration for visitors. VIV Asia  2019 is expected to host over 1,290 exhibitors, and will also play host to a variety of conferences.

International Aquafeed magazine will also be hosting several confeences at VIV Asia, including:


Aqua Feed Extrusion Conference - March 13th -

International Aquafeed magazine and Dr Mian N Riaz, Head of Extrusion Technology at Texas A&M University System are hosting a one-day Aqua Feed Extrusion Conference.

This conference will focus on extrusion principles, raw material, grinding, aqua feed extrusion, different types of extruders and their application, drying of aqua feed, how to improve the aqua feed quality, managing the aqua feed facility and several other related topics.

More information - HERE

To register for the conference - HERE.


Aquatic Asia Conference - March 14th and 15th -

The Aquatic Asia Conference will be a two-session conference, specialising in the topic of shrimp farming. This conference is aimed at fish and shrimp farmers, veterinarians, fish feed millers and investors. Final topics are still to be confirmed, but the two sessions are currently as follows:

March 14th (Morning session)- Session One- Shrimp health and nutrition

March 15th (Morning session)- Session Two- Shrimp farm water treatment

More information will be coming soon.


Visit the VIV website HERE.

Want to find out more about International Aquafeed's conferences? Then please email Rebecca Sherratt (

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