World Aquaculture 2021 #AquacultureNow is approaching and registrations are now open. From November 15 to 19, the city of Mérida, Mexico will become the world capital of aquaculture, by celebrating the meeting of the WAS.

The World Aquaculture Society (WAS) invites all the productive, academic, business, student, governmental and organisational sectors involved in aquaculture; to be participants in this event in the keynote conferences, the scientific and project presentations, the commercial exhibition and the special sessions. World Aquaculture is recognised for the successful linkage and cooperation between institutions and organisations worldwide.

Due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19, the WAS are being very cautious and at the same time monitoring the evolution of the pandemic in the world and specifically in Mexico, the host country of WA2021.

Promising advances are being seen in vaccination, it has been confirmed that to date WA2021 is still standing and will be carried out in person, complying with all the biosecurity measures indicated by the local authorities.

Merida is a beautiful city with an exceptional climate. Located in the state of Yucatán; cradle of the Mayan culture. It has a great tourist attraction with various destinations such as beaches, farms and cenotes.

Registration is now available; as well as sending the abstracts for presentation of works, the reception of projects will be open until August 6. This is essential if you want to make an oral or poster presentation of your work. Take advantage of the discounts offered by the World Aquaculture Society for first registrations.

Other upcoming Aquaculture events include:

  • Aquaculture America in San Antonio, Texas, USA, August 11-14, 2021
  • Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2021 in Surabaya, Indonesia, September 7-10
  • Aquaculture Canada and North America WAS 2021 in St John's, Newfoundland, Canada, September 26-29, 2021
  • Aquaculture Europe 2021 in Madeira, Portugal, October 4-7, 2021
  • World Aquaculture 2021 in Merida, Mexico, November 15-19, 2021
  • World Aquaculture 2020 in Singapore, December 5-8 2021
  • Aquaculture Africa 2020 in Alexandria, Egypt, December 11-14, 2021
  • Aquaculture 2022 in San Diego, California, USA February 27 - March 3,
  • Aquaculture America 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA February 19-22

For more information about WA2021 visit the website, HERE.
Alternatively, contact Carolina Amézquita at [email protected]
To participate in the trade show, contact Mario Stael, [email protected]

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