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Gael Force Group are well recognised in the fish farming industry for their impressive and reliable farming solutions and their SeaQure range of equipment is no exception. The Scotland-based marine equipment and technology company cover a diverse range of turnkey solutions for the aquaculture sector extending to mooring systems, pens, barges and feed systems, to name a few.
Yet, their  SeaQurePen is making an especially big splash in the sector. Whilst the full SeaQure range extends to a variety of systems such as the SeaQureMoor, their SeaQurePen  is the specific solution that International Aquafeed magazine found especially intriguing…

SeaQurePen 500
Created with the goal of producing an evolutionary new pen system that is tough, reliable and efficient, the SeaQurePen 500 is a very impressive bit of kit. Gael Force Group explain how the SeaQurePen 500 was created with several locations and unique farm requirements in mind, ensuring the solution caters to fish farms in exposed and tough locations.
Using Gael Force's own in-house expertise, the SeaQurePen 500 ensures lower farming costs, easy maintenance and efficient marine life protection. From just one look at the solution, it is clear that the SeaQurePen 500 is created with ease of use for operators in mind.
A variety of features make the SeaQurePen 500 unique on the market, including its integrated, recessed connection points for both sinker and mooring tubs. In fact, the SeaQurePen 500 significantly enhances the integrity of the pen system with no need for hoses or messy cables wrapped around the handrails. This design is incredibly refreshing and provides a polished, professional look to any farm.
Farm operatives can also carry out tasks hassle-free with ease, thanks to the impressive Hinged Service Deck, providing users with easy access to sub-service connections and utilities, minimising the risk of troublesome manoeuvres and difficult access to connections.
The integrated base socket for bird net poles also reduces the need for in-pen furniture by supporting an alternative to net support wheels. Pen rotation issues are also completely eradicated with moulded anti-torsion features in the base unit socket as well as the one-piece moulded stanchion, keeping the pen stable and secure.
Pen handrails also utilise welded thrust rings, rather than the standard pins, allowing horizontal rotation but no migration. The SeaQurePen 500 is available from 120-200m in circumference and is constructed with two 50mm pipes.

Thriving in extreme conditions
The SeaQure range also boasts great strength and the ability to survive and flourish in the difficult conditions fish farming equipment is so often subjected to. The SeaQurePen 500 exceeds the Scottish Technical Standard for Aquaculture and is tested beyond the extremes of expected operational loading.
The bridle mooring point is tested in excess of 20 tonnes (t), whilst the stanchion socket bases can manage over 12t of weight and the boat tie-up point 10t respectively. Across all the flotation ring locations, over 30t capacity can also be securely managed.
An I-Beam style gusset on the stanchion socket is also offered by Gael Force Group, to provide users with a pen that boasts improved holding power.
Power, air and communications systems are also accommodated in a secure, hazard-free manner. The base is completely constructed in impact-resistant plastic which proves incredibly strong and flexible when the pen is subject to big waves. Construction in plastic also means that the solution is entirely corrosion-resistant, thereby increasing the lifespan of the pen. Anti-deformation precautions ensure that your SeaQurePen 500 will remain a reliable, worthy pen for your fish farm for years to come and only further reinforces it as a wise investment.

SeaQureLift Winch
A second new innovation for the SeaQure range is Gael Force Group's SeaQureLift Winch, a robust, powerful net raising solution that is ideal for regular use in a rugged and demanding marine environment. The winch is tested up to two tonnes and rated to 1500kg.
The winch enables safe and clear access around the pen for farm operators. The control system is also extremely easy to understand, the winch coming provided with a hand-held wireless controller, as well as being able to be accessed directly from the control panel.
The aluminium alloy hard anodised construction makes the body of the winch incredibly strong and resilient to the challenging ocean conditions and, despite its impressive strength and powerful build, what makes the SeaQureLift Winch interesting is that it still remains a relatively compact solution.
A variety of innovations have also been implemented by Gael Force Group in regard to rope management, to ensure that operators can use the winch smoothly. To prevent a commonly reported issue of ropes jumping off competing winches, Gael Force have implemented tie rods across the SeaQureLift Winch, as well as drum flanges to prevent rope jamming. An easy change rope anchoring system also ensures no on-site splicing or knot tying is required.

An accessory for every need
Gael Force Group's offerings don't stop there; the company also offer a variety of optional accessories that seamlessly integrate with their pens to make user experience even better.
A range of sinker tubes for two and three ring pens are available to maximise the main net containment volume in high energy/current environments. The tough and durable polyethylene pipes also allow improved oxygen flow through netting, allowing for the use of smaller mesh nets and the use of cleaner fish.
Two kinds of sinker tubes are on offer from Gael Force Group, one which contains large diameter wire rope as the dead weight and one which utilises linked chains.
Bird net support wheels are also available. Their unique, modular design can be adjusted to custom circumferences and results in minimal movement. The primary flotation ring is made up of Ø180mm PE pipe filled with polystyrene as standard. Square models are also available in 2x2m forms, with customisation available upon request.
For a truly personalised and integrated experience, users can even utilise SeaQureFarm, a concept in which Gael Force equipment and technologies can all be linked together in a complete turnkey project. This seamless integration enables users to witness the benefits of using all of Gael Force's equipment and technology together for a cohesive and professional fish farm experience. This idea is undeniably impressive and showcases just how much Gael Force Group has to offer to the aquaculture industry.

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