Mr Sjo Zwart, Technical Manager of Feed Ingredients for Aliphos, is confirmed to be speaking at the Aquatic Asia Conference.


Mr Zwart joined the feed phosphates business in 1991. Over his many years working at the company, Mr Zwart has been responsible for several processes, such as leading trial work into the biological value of feed phosphates for different animal species.


His talk will be entitled 'The value of Windmill® Aquaphos as a source of phosphorus in shrimp diets'.

The talk abstract is as follows:

A trial was carried at the facilities of the USP, Brazil, to answer the question, which inorganic feed phosphate is the most suited to be used in shrimp feeding? Next to a control, three trial diets were formulated containing different inorganic feed phosphates; DCP, MCP and Aquaphos.

Shrimp receiving Aquaphos showed a higher growth and lower FCR than the other phosphates tested. The P-digestibility of Aquaphos was significantly higher than both the other feed phosphates. Also, Aquaphos had a significant higher level of retainable phosphorus than MCP and certainly DCP (which appeared to be negative).

Formulating diets, based on highly digestible and retainable P-sources, not only enables to lower the total P-level in shrimp feeds, without jeopardising digestible/retainable P-levels and, thus, productivity, but also preventing pollution by undigested P, ultimately leading to eutrophication of sweet water resources.

In conclusion: The use of Aquaphos enables to lower the P-content of feeds for shrimps without jeopardizing performance and thereby saving the environment.


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