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Skretting, a global leader in aquafeed, has announced that the company has started a process of consulting with employees with the view to cease production in the UK at the end of April 2019.

Sophie Noonan, Skretting spokeswoman said, "The consultation process with employees has just begun. Of course this means that we cannot say for sure, but we don't anticipate that any feasible alternative solutions will be proposed.

"To that effect, we are working towards a shut down of all sites at the end of April 2019. This does include the plants at Invergordon and Longridge, head office at Northwich and a warehouse at Shetland."

This move is aimed at reducing the overcapacity in the highly competitive salmon feed market, and better utilise the company's existing production facilities in Europe. The company has no plans to stop production in other markets and will continue to pursue its firmly established growth strategy.

Skretting is the global leader in providing innovative and sustainable nutritional solutions for the aquaculture industry. Skretting has production facilities in 19 countries on five continents, and manufactures and delivers high quality feeds from hatching to harvest for more than 60 species.  

"Unfortunately, we are experiencing unsustainable market conditions in the UK. With a new large feed plant becoming operational in Scotland early 2019, the total feed capacity in the region is expected to exceed the total market by more than 50 percent. This is driving down prices, leading to an unsustainable commercial environment", says Therese Log Bergjord, CEO Skretting. "We have therefore made the decision to start consulting with our employees on a proposal to cease feed production in the UK".

Skretting will continue to supply to the UK market where economically viable.

 "This is a tough decision for Skretting's management team and our owner, Nutreco, considering the implications for our local employees and partners. In the proposed plan, all locations, including two production sites will close down, and around 100 employees may become redundant. First and foremost, we now concentrate on finding good solutions with our employees, customers, suppliers and partners in the UK", says Ms Log Bergjord.

While Skretting experiences regional market challenges in the UK, the group actively pursues further sustainable expansion of the global aquaculture industry from its operations in 19 countries across all continents.

"Aquaculture is an increasingly important and attractive solution to meet growing demand for healthy food. As the global leader in aquafeed, we are fully aware of our responsibilities. That is why we are prepared to take tough decisions to ensure sufficient profitability to finance our future and to remain a pioneer of continued sustainable development of the aquaculture industry", says Ms Log Bergjord.

For more information visit the Skretting website, HERE.

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