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Skretting is expanding its AquaCare portfolio with a new water care solution for fish and shrimp pond farming. AquaCare Mineral Balance is a mineral combination offering high bioavailability of macro and trace minerals.

This practical, cost-effective solution ensures that pond systems have stable, nutrient-rich water that is also ionically balanced, thereby providing the platform necessary to optimise species' growth and health.


  • AquaCare Mineral Balance supports fish and shrimp in adapting to changing environmental conditions by providing essential macro and trace minerals.
  • AquaCare Mineral Balance is the second global product to launch in Skretting's range of water care products.
  • The product has been locally validated and is launching initially in India, to be followed by markets across South East Asia.
  • AquaCare Mineral Balance is a demonstration of Skretting's commitment to improve water quality for farmers

Available for Skretting customers in India this month, the product will soon be launched in fish and shrimp markets across Vietnam and Indonesia. These locations experience intensive production combined with seasonal fluctuations in water quality and salinity. AquaCare Mineral Balance will provide essential macro and trace minerals to support fish and shrimp in adapting to changing environmental conditions.

'As the name suggests, this product aims to make sure that the balance between major minerals is at an optimum level and can be easily absorbed in order to support important stages in aquatic species lifecycle,' says Marita Sirevaag, Global Product Manager AquaCare at Skretting. 'We have worked with the local teams and global experts to ensure the product is well suited to local conditions to provide maximum value for farmers.'

Expert knowledge and support
Water supplementation is an essential component for aquaculture across Asia, and AquaCare Mineral Balance has been created in direct response to an immediate need in the pond farming segment of the aquaculture industry. 'In developing this product, we talked with Skretting customers throughout the region and beyond,' says Joao Sendao, Product Development Manager Asia. 'The resulting solution offers the ideal mix of essential macro and trace minerals for the optimal survival and growth of shrimp, even at low salinities.'

Having the right balance of these minerals, and ensuring they are highly bioavailable provides a more stable environment for shrimp and fish production, and offers the scope for farmers to leverage their market opportunities.

New product pipeline
The launch of AquaCare Mineral Balance follows Skretting's first water care product, a probiotic bioremediation solution that improves water quality and provides a platform for significant efficiency and productivity gains. The simple-to-use product is designed to work preventatively, with the objective to load the water in pond farming systems with beneficial bacteria that prevent the same space from being occupied by potentially harmful bacteria.

AquaCare Control was launched into Egypt, Vietnam and Australia in 2020, and continues to be strategically rolled out to new markets. AquaCare Control and AquaCare Mineral Balance will be launched simultaneously in India this month.

On the launch, Saurabh Shekhar, General Manager Nutreco South Asia says, 'Our objective in India is to become an integrated solution provider for our customers, and with the launch of AquaCare we will be able to extend our expertise and product portfolio in this area. We are confident that with our innovative, research-driven products to support the growth and subject-matter specialists on field for practical guidance, we can support our farmers to ensure successful culture.'

It begins with water
'AquaCare is founded on the understanding that before any aquatic species needs feed, it needs water,' continues Sirevaag. 'Water is aquaculture's greatest ally. It is also a very complicated and volatile element, requiring great care and attention. By addressing imbalances, the long-term future of the industry can be assured. Alongside Skretting's world-class aquaculture feeds, AquaCare is a key part of our ongoing commitment to improve the sustainability of the industry.'

Water is a critical resource facing increasing demand- and climate-based burdens. With the United Nations charting a six-fold increase in the worldwide demand for water over the last 100 years, responsible water stewardship is now a global priority. 'Aligned with SDG 6, Skretting is committed to continue to develop its comprehensive range of AquaCare solutions dedicated to improving water quality, both as a response to the most pressing needs of farmers, but also to ensure that the planet's most precious resource is safeguarded for future generations,' concludes Sirevaag.

For more information visit the Skretting website, HERE.

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