As part of Skretting's longstanding commitment to safeguard the world's oceans, it has allocated $2 million USD to enable the development of alternative aquaculture feed ingredients in 2020.

This voluntary pledge will be made at the 6th Our Ocean Conference (OCC), being held in Oslo, Norway on 23-24th October, 2019. The aim of this is to create clear pathways for these much-needed innovations to reach sufficient scale in order to deliver long-term value to aquaculture supply chains and end-consumers.

The application of sustainable novel ingredients in aquafeeds, both through replacement and interchange, are recognised as a viable means to achieve increased flexibility and lower the dependence on finite marine ingredients.

Through its Mission of 'Feeding the Future', Skretting is focused on increasing the flexibility of the macro and micro ingredient inclusion in its aquaculture feeds. A key aspect of this ambition is development of the circular bioeconomy through the utilisation of proteins generated from the use of waste streams, and by and co products. This progress has already seen the group establish working relationships with and provide support to a number of start-up innovators.

'For aquaculture to meet its full potential, the sector will need access to sufficient volumes of these novel ingredients. At the same time, Skretting recognises that these technologies are only able to reach scale through collaborative efforts,' said Trygve B Lea, Sustainability Manager at Skretting. 'This Our Ocean commitment is focused on overcoming this significant barrier and providing a fast-track to market for these innovations. The hope is for the first few novel raw material sources to achieve scale-up in 2020.'

Visit the Our Ocean Conference website, HERE.
Visit the Skretting website, HERE.

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