For many people and rural communities throughout Vietnam, aquaculture is the main source of social and economic stability, providing them with essential employment, food security and livelihoods. To support the country's aquaculture development, Skretting Vietnam has long been committed to providing the ideal feed solutions, knowledge, techniques and practices for farmers to flourish.

The 'SUCCESS' programme was launched in October 2019 to reduce the costs of producing shrimp, and to increase farming profitability. The programme is essentially a sustainable shrimp farming model that applies from seeding to harvest, and which has been specifically designed to maintain biosecurity in order to minimise disease risks for Vietnamese farmers.

Built on the concept of 'SUCCESS for everyone', one of the programme's main strengths is its flexibility, which makes it adaptable to suit ponds of all kinds. In the three years since its launch, it has led to dramatic increases in profitability – averaging 30-40 percent compared to traditional farming models.

This significant improvement is thanks to a combination of five key factors:

  • An optimised survival rate up to 90 percent
  • A 30 percent increase in average growth rates
  • Higher prices (ca. 10 percent) from selling antibiotic-free shrimp
  • Minimised risks of disease outbreaks
  • Reduced production cost by an average 6 – 8 percent versus other intensive and super intensive operations in Vietnam

SUCCESS stories
Farm owner Mr Đắc is among the growing number of farmers who have benefitted from applying the SUCCESS programme. In 2020, after farming shrimp for 10 years, Mr Đắc decided to introduce the programme to his five-hectare site (one nursery system, and five grow-out ponds). His total investment, including equipment, pond renovations etc., amounted to €51,800.

Achieving an average survival rate of 90 percent, two harvests provided 62 tonnes of shrimp with an average feed conversion ratio (FCR), earning Mr Đắc's farm €300,000. Consequently, he achieved a profit and net profit of €126,000 and €71,000 respectively.

'I am so happy to work with Skretting in shrimp farming, and I am very confident with the SUCCESS programme. It brings good practices with regards to protecting the environment, and this helps me to farm sustainably. At the same time, SUCCESS brings good profit values with optimal production cost,' says Mr Đắc. 'This programme is truly beneficial to the farmers, especially during this challenging period with diseases and environmental pollution risks.'

Cherdchai Thoongchoo, Skretting Technical Services Manager for South East Asia is very happy to support customers with the programme. 'With the understanding that a large number of farmers were looking for a sustainable shrimp farming model, and living up to our principle that 'prevention is better than cure' when it comes to minimising disease risks, Skretting has extensively researched and built the SUCCESS programme,' says Mr Thoongchoo. 'Having flexibility in the design, construction and operation of ponds is a considerable advantage and has made this new initiative effective in all of Vietnam's shrimp farming regions. We are so happy to have brought such a good programme to Vietnamese farmers.'

For more information visit the Skretting website, HERE.

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