Sparos is organising a series of free webinars on its nutritional tools FEEDNETICSTM and FiT, to be held during the month of October. The webinars were designed to show how the Sparos nutritional tools can be used by the aquafeed sector (October 1st) and by Fish Farmers (October 22nd and 27th). Attendees can find out more information and select the webinar of their interest on the Sparos website.

The FEEDNETICSTM solution is based on a mechanistic simulation model that predicts the effects of nutritional and environmental factors on fish growth, feed conversion, feeding costs, body composition and waste emission. FEEDNETICSTM can be used by feed manufacturers for customer support and by the aquafeed industry for formulation performance evaluation and diet screening to improve the rationality of feed treatments to be tested in trials. FEEDNETICSTM also enables fish farmers and technical consultants to quantify trends observed on farm and make predictions for different feeding strategies, with the most interesting solutions being tested in the field before implementation.

The FiT offers feeding tables tailored to the growth objective of each farm and the feeds used, as a one table-fits-all feeding table is not suitable for efficient production. FiT uses validated scientific models to simulate the energy and protein requirements of a specific fish species. In this way, for each feed used in the cages or tanks, the minimum feeding rate can be provided to ensure the desired fish growth. Feed manufacturers can use FiT to create feeding tables for their feed brands that meet the species' requirements for optimal growth or to tailor to the growth curves of their customers' farms.With FiT feeding tables, farmers can optimise feeding according to their targeted growth.

These online events bring together Sparos researchers who developed FEEDNETICSTM and FiT to explain its applications through several examples of use cases and offer a combination of live presentations and Q&A sessions.

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