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AquaFarm is the only international event in Italy dedicated to aquaculture, algaculture and the sustainable fishing industry.

Technological Innovations For Aquaculture
Technological innovations, drones, and sensors, allow the remote monitoring of plants in complete safety, improving the productivity of farms and at the same time the health and welfare of animals.

This will be amongst the subjects of discussion at AquaFarm together with institutional representatives, researchers and industrial companies.

There is still time to become an exhibitor in the most important B2B event dedicated to aquaculture, algaeculture and fishing industry in the whole Mediterranean basin. Fill in the form on the official website to receive the application as soon as possible.

Conference Focus 2022

  • Politics and strategies for aquaculture in the future
  • The new European Maritime Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF)
  • Corporate social responsibility – social sustainability
  • Fish feed: sustainability and new ingredients
  • Technological innovation, open innovation, drones and sensors for tracking and monitoring
  • Product quality and consumers' choices

For more information and to register visit the website, HERE.

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