In addition to contributions from our regular editors Professor Simon Davies, Erik Hempel and Brett Glencross, this month also sees great coverage of the use of silicic acid in shrimpfeed trials from ReXil Agro, King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok and Professor Simon Davies.

Also featured is an article from our colleagues at Famsun relating to feed particle measuring and analysis, whilst the IPIFF walks us through the benefits of using insect in aquafeed.

The fish farming technology section also continues to grow in strength with contributions from Deep Trekker, Manolin and Sightline Systems this month, whilst this month's Industry Leader Interview is with Dr Scott Tilton from The Andersons, Inc.

April's event section is packed with previews of upcoming trade shows including AquacultureUK, GlobalShrimpForum, with reviews of European Aquaculture Society - EAS - Student Group's Aqua-Impact project discussion and exciting news from AquaFarm.

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