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This first ever regional aquaculture e-conference provides a great opportunity for the aquaculture stakeholders in the region to interact, establish linkages, share experiences, up-date themselves with trends and technology and identify new prospects in the industry. It runs from August 27 - 29, officially opening at 11am.

The theme for this year's e-conference aims to strengthen advances gained over the past two decades to create a resilient sustainable commercial aquaculture industry that sets a mark globally for environmental sustainability, biosecurity and quality assured competitive aquaculture products.

These aspects will be discussed during the following sub-themes:

  • Status of Aquaculture in Eastern Africa: Policy and Governance – discuss creating a conducive environment for sustainable growth and promote equity, youth and gender engagement and sustainable livelihoods.
  • Advances in technology to tap into new horizons – R&D in nutrition, genetics and breeding, production systems, new species for aquaculture.
  • Economic opportunities and Business Prospects – private-sector enterprises, finance and economics.
  • Ecosystem management for sustainable aquaculture development – environmental management, biosecurity, public health, biodiversity and climate-change.
  • Regional collaboration for sustainable trans-boundary aquaculture development and trade – regional policies for aquaculture development and trade, collaborative research, farmer associations and networks.

There will also be a dedicated farmer's session to disseminate Good Aquaculture Production Practices that will run concurrently with the main conference.

Expected participants include aquaculture producers, industry actors, research and academia, policy makers, and development partners.

For more information visit the website, HERE.

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