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The international company achieved good results in the confidence index, which encourages them to continue advancing in the management of human resources, and focus on continuous improvement and innovation.

Garware Technical Fibres - a leading global provider of networks and cables - obtained a confidence index score of 89/100, according to the recent Organisational Climate Survey conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute (GPTW®). 'We congratulate every member of the company for their enthusiastic participation in making Garware a great place to work, where we improve every day. We have senior management connected with their collaborators at all levels and we are convinced that they are the most important asset,' says Gopakumar Menon, Americas Garware Technical Fibres general manager.

GPTW® maintains that the trust index is based on credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie. From the employee's point of view, the employee's trust in the organisation is determined by three factors: credibility, fairness, and respect. When the employee perceives these factors, a relationship of trust is established, which is two-way. While from the vision of the company, it is enriched when: the objectives of the organisation are achieved, the workers give the best of themselves and work as a team.

This is how Garware applies these principles in its daily operations, and leaders manifest it both when interacting with their teams and outside of them. "We make conscious efforts to ensure that teams experience these elements. We foster a close connection with employees and their families through: regular and continuous communication by management, functional leaders, human resources and various supports, which strengthens the confidence, along with the personal involvement of senior management to understand the pulse of employees and extend support as needed, with people being challenged and encouraged to contribute greater added value and continuous improvement so that they work towards a broader purpose and stay connected,' Mr Menon says.

The company has been GPTW® certified since 2013 and has been working on the concept of a great place to work for quite some time, regularly promoting initiatives to promote this cause. 'Since we are in a niche manufacturing sector, our values are focused on continuous improvement and innovation. And to achieve the commercial objectives it is essential to establish a solid bond with the collaborators,' concludes the executive. Through certification programs, GPTW® is able to publicly recognise outstanding work cultures.

For more information about Garware visit their website, HERE.

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