The June 2022 edition of International Aquafeed magazine is now available online, in print, and on our app

Presented within an appropriately titled cover 'The Deliciousness of the Sea' - this month's edition sees Matt Bell, a second year Marine Biology and Oceanography student at the University of Plymouth on an environmental mission to the Northern Pole.

Our fish farming technology section features an overview of PRAS from RAS technology by Kevin Kelsey from the Ed Weed Culture Station Facility in Vermont, USA and an article by Swiss Blue Salmon about Atlantic Salmon Farming in Switzerland.

This month's nutrition section features a report into Fish feed dryers from Tema Process and Rendering from the North American Renderers association. June also has a packed news section with contributions from Israeli startup Simpliigood, Umitron and Cargill-Ewos.

Our Industry Leader interviewee is Pierre Pienaar of the World Packaging Organisation, whilst our events section features an extensive review of our time at Aquaculture UK in Aviemore.

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