To help feed producers to tackle sustainability challenges, Famsun recently rolled out a 70t/hr pellet mill. To feed the anticipated human population of 9.8 billion by 2050, our industry needs to promote sustainable consumption and responsible production patterns in the global food production system.

As a solution-focused processing partner from farm to table, Famsun strives to be forward thinking and is always considering how to improve production systems. Through better utilisation of natural resources for example, raw material waste and energy losses can be drastically reduced.

Due to proven animal growth and feed efficiency results, the pelleting process has been a very popular processing solution in the feed industry for many decades. However, improving the pelleting line's yield efficiency is an essential design objective to help feed factories operate more sustainably.

The new Famsun K70 Pellet Mill is such a machine using this design principle. The gear driven K70 design boosts capacity while also improving energy efficiency and operational reliability, which seeks to minimise line interruptions that can create substantial raw material waste.

This giant machine is a new member of the Famsun K-Series pellet mill family, which includes the K15, K15X, K20, K25, K35, and K50. Since the initial introduction of the first K-Series model in 2014, over 350 units of this gear-driven pellet mill are now in operation around the world.

The popularity of this line of pellet mills is a result of its excellent reputation for reliable performance, its ability to control product quality, as well as its ease of maintenance.

The K70 Pellet Mill was developed not only by scaling-up the machine's size from its existing models (See Table 1) but also by incorporating the latest innovations and design considerations. By introducing this new unit, the Famsun company can help feed producers to become more sustainable, whilst also allowing them to continue leading the market well into the future.

Gear driven to maximise power utilisation

The The K70 Pellet Mill's gearbox is more compact, efficient, and has a long service life. Famsun gear drive pellet mills are equipped with either a German SEW or an American Rexnord gearbox, ensuring efficient power transmission. The design of the large gearbox ensures stable and trouble-free running with minimal vibration and noise (< 95 decibels).

Also, the gears and bearings are designed for a service life of one million hours or more to ensure a long and stable running performance, whilst also considerably reducing downtime, maintenance, and operational costs.

Optimised design to boost capacity up to 70 t/h

The K70 drive motor can be as large as 500kW and it uses a ring die of 1,070mm in diameter. The feeding and compression structure in this new pellet mill are also enhanced, with the new design optimising the working area and linear velocity of the ring die.

The improved power per unit area is between 15-to-25 percent higher than that of regular ring die. Therefore, this advancement has dramatically increased production output. The improved feeding scraper size and angle evenly spread the mash into the compression area between the ring die and press rollers.

Thanks to uniform feeding, the pelleting process is more stable, minimising troublesome and costly downtime, while the pelleted product is of a more consistent quality.

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