From December 16-18th, 2019, the 8th Tianmu Lake Forum and the Establishment of Jiangsu Zheng Chang Pellet Mill Sci&Tech Co., Ltd was successfully held by the beautiful Tianmu Lake. The Pellet Mill was jointly organised by Zheng Chang Group, China Feed Industry Association and Jiangsu Feed Industry Association.

With the theme of "Stability and Reliability Enables Long-lasting Development - New Technology, New Process and New Development", this forum invited a number of well-known experts and scholars in the industry, as well as more than 100 domestic and foreign elites of famous feed groups to discuss and share the problems and development points of the feed industry.

At the same time, Zheng Chang Mould Company has been upgraded to Zheng Chang Pellet Mill Sci&Tech Co., Ltd. The experts and enterprise leaders at the forum have witnessed the development and technical progress of Zheng Chang Pellet Mill for 50 years.

From the early development of China's first pellet mill to the largest pellet mill Type 1208(75t/h) in China, from the all-stock acquisition of the granulating factory in China invested by CPM US in 1998 to the comprehensive innovation and improvement in the core technology of CPM Pellet Mill, Zheng Chang have achieved a complete, stable and reliable pellet mill series for the industry!

The establishment of Zheng Chang Pellet Mill Sci&Tech Company aims to focus on the core business of pellet mill R&D, manufacturing and related accessories services, and provide customers with more comprehensive and professional pellet mill solutions.


Mr Yan Kuiyou, a director of the National Animal Husbandry Station and China Feed Industry Association
Image credit: Zheng Chang

Mr Yan delivered the opening speech for the Tianmu Lake forum. He also analysed the current situation and trend of China's feed industry development from multiple perspectives, and gave suggestions on the feed production situation in 2019.

Mr Hao Bo, vice president of China Feed Industry Association and chairman of Jiangsu ZhengChang Group Co., Ltd., delivered a welcome speech, then the expert speeches officially started
Image credit: Zheng Chang

Expert Speeches


Mr Cao Kang, the editor of Modern China Feed Engineering
Image credit: Zheng Chang

Mr Kang shared the innovation points that feed processing equipment and feed processing technology can provide, and explained how feed factories should implement safe production and realise sustainable development from dust explosion-proof, environmental protection, limited space management and pest management.


Professor Wang Hongying, the executive director of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association Feed Branch
Image credit: Zheng Chang

Dr Hongying deconstructed the concept and composition of OEE based on Evaluation and Analysis of Comprehensive Efficiency of Main Processing Equipment in Feed Enterprises, gave examples of OEE in feed processing enterprises and clarified its application and index system.

Mr Liu Jichao, the vice president of Conti Feed (China) Group
Image credit: Zheng Chang

With a large number of production pictures and vivid teaching methods, Mr Jichao showed us the seven highlights of Conti Group's high-grade piglet feed, and gave us a new understanding of the huge competitiveness and growth of expanding technology to the enterprise.


Dr Yang Jie, Feed Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Image credit: Zheng Chang

By displaying the research data of different starch source characteristics, Dr Yie explained the influence of different starch sources on the quality of extruded aquatic feed rigorously and vividly, and provided a new direction for the research and exploration of new and old materials of extruded aquatic feed.


The "Brain storming" panel discussion focused on the problems and development of management and process equipment, with many brilliant ideas being shared
Image credit: Zheng Chang

As a member of the agricultural and animal husbandry feed industry and the first enterprise with more than 101 years of history China's feed industry, Zheng Chang Group has witnessed, contributed to and benefited from the national reform and opening up, developing and prospering together with the country and making an important contribution to the development of China's agricultural and animal husbandry feed industry.

As a brand, professional and authoritative technology platform in the industry, Tianmu Lake Forum has provided effective technology and services for feed enterprises for eight consecutive years.

Visit the Zheng Chang website, HERE.

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