'AHUMOANA O AOTEAROA" - "Aquaculture for New Zealand" celebrates our aspirations as we look to grow our sustainable sector for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

With COVID causing our 2020 and 2021 conferences to be cancelled, we're aiming for third time lucky and are excited to be bringing our industry and stakeholders together for a two-day in-person hui full of inspirational speakers, thought-provoking discussions, unparalleled networking opportunities and of course great food!

Our conference looks to the future: a future of unity as we strive for the betterment of our people, our products, our industry, and our land and sea. 

A future where the inseparable bond between us and our environment is more important than ever, and we further embrace our role of kaitiakitanga.

A future interwoven with Māori success through aquaculture settlement and Iwi investment.

A future where we realise the Open Ocean Aquaculture opportunity, without compromising our values.

A future where we look to innovative technology and targeted research to help build resilience, improve performance, advance infrastructure, strengthen our productivity and support our ambitions.

A future where the resilience of the industry is supported by world leading biosecurity practices.  

A future with a flourishing workforce and communities in which they live.

A future where all New Zealanders can be proud of aquaculture.

However, we can have all the tools in the toolbox, but we are still nothing without our people, without you!  Ahumoana o Aotearoa is also the feeling of togetherness, and we relish this opportunity to bring our tangata together to realise our values and aspirations.

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