One of the most dynamic and rapidly growing sectors in Eastern Africa is the aquaculture sector.  Within the last twenty years it has transitioned from a smallholder subsistence activity into a promising agricultural enterprise supplying local and regional markets. 

This is as a result of changes in policy, adoption of new technology and large market potential.  As a result Eastern Africa now produces about 256,000 tons and the scope for expansion and product diversification is tremendous as the region expounds to develop its Blue Economy.    

This first ever regional aquaculture e-conference provides a great opportunity for the aquaculture stakeholders in the region to interact, establish linkages, share experiences, up-date themselves with trends and technology and identify new prospects in the industry.

Thus theme for this year"s e-conference aims to strengthen advances gained over the past two decades to create a resilient sustainable commercial aquaculture industry that sets a mark globally for environmental sustainability, biosecurity and quality assured competitive aquaculture products.

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Eastern Africa Aquaculture Conference

Eastern Africa Aquaculture Conference