Show Highlights:

Taiwan's Exclusive Fisheries and Seafood Show

Predicated Exhibit Area Covers the Fishery Industry from Top-to-Bottom

Vast Show Appeal with International Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

This Hub Connects Asia-Pacific and ASEAN Market

Scout Asian Agents & Swap Ideas with Leading Fishery Technology Manufacturers/Farmer, Breeders

Exhibit Areas

  Marine Intelligent Technology and Fisheries Equipment

AIOT marine fishery intelligent management system / Marine navigation/radar / Wearable protective safety accessories / Marine industry talent training and employment matching / Fishing nets / Fishing tools / Fishing lights / Fish detectors / Labor-saving and energy-saving fishing equipment

  Smart Aquaculture & Fish Seeding Technology

AIoT intelligent aquaculture systems / Aquaculture labor-saving automation equipment / Aquaculture technology and management / Aquaculture precision seedling technology / Ecological aquaculture technology / biotechnology application / Water quality inspection

  Sustainable Aquafeeds

Sustainable development Feed nutrition formula / Feed additives / Aquatic drugs and vaccines / Biotechnology application feed technology / Feed processing equipment / Feed testing equipment / Feed machinery and consumables / Animal drugs and vaccines / Animal health additives

  Seafood Value-added Process

Aquatic product processing machinery / Aquatic food packaging / Packaging machines / Production and sales history / Preservation technology and equipment / Cold chain logistics
  Fishery Circular Economy

Environmentally friendly, sustainable, healthy and safe aquatic food products
  Fishery Circular Economy

Water cycle / Fish and electricity symbiosis / Sustainable fishery certification / Fishery plastic waste recycling service

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