Aller Aqua produce fish feed for freshwater and saltwater aquaculture. That is the brief presentation, but it doesn’t even come close to covering the entire story.

Aller Aqua is a family owned company. They have produced fish feed for more than 50 years, and this makes them one of the worlds most experienced fish feed producers, delivering some of the best products on the market, to their customers.

Today Aller Aqua has factories in Denmark, Poland, Germany, Egypt, China, Zambia and Serbia, and they export their products to more than 60 countries worldwide.

Aller Aqua have a broad and professional product range, consisting of feed for 30 species of fish. They know the importance the right feed plays in their customers production, and therefore their own professional development- and research centre in Germany, Aller Aqua Research, consistently works on optimizing, developing and documenting the effect of our products. This ensures that their customers receive top-quality professional products, at competitive prices – delivered on time.

As a company Aller Aqua are big enough to meet your needs, and small enough to be flexible. This ensures that they can react quickly to their customer’s needs, which is essential when you strive not only to deliver fish feed, but also to spar with and contribute to optimizing their customers businesses.

Aller Aqua’s experience and history is their guarantee to their customers that they know what they are talking about, that they keep their promises, and that they are right here – and that will still be the case in many years to come.