The 27th IGC International Grains Conference takes place on 19 - 20 June 2018 at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London. Now extended to a second day, the event offers enhanced opportunities to derive invaluable market insight and connect with other prominent industry professionals.

With around 300 participants expected to attend, the IGC Conference remains the industry"s must-attend event, bringing together participants from across the global grains and oilseeds supply chain, spanning producers, exporters, traders, brokers, processors, trade associations, inspection services, shipping companies and policymakers.

Under a market-leading agenda, international speakers will provide their perspectives on a range of key topics, notably prospects for global grains and oilseeds supplies – and their potential market impact – including the latest developments in Russia, China and Brazil. Amid IGC"s tentative projections for record trade in the main commodities during 2018/19, how will markets deal with expanding demand given a range of logistical and other challenges? 

Other sessions will address the role of innovative new technologies for crop monitoring, robotic farming and storage, as well as the primary infrastructure challenges facing the world"s grains and oilseeds economies against the backdrop of expanding world trade flows.

Three commodity workshops will be held on the morning of 20 June, in which stakeholders will have an opportunity to share views and engage in direct discussion with market experts. These unique and interactive workshops will encompass the entire grains, oilseeds and rice value chains.

Grains: An examination of technical barriers to trade, hosted by the International Grain Trade Coalition (IGTC)

Oilseeds: Assessing potential demand drivers – future protein and oil requirements

Rice: Is sustainability of global production able to counter the potential for market instability?