Orffa’s unique network of over 1500 customers and about 100 suppliers, as well as its close collaboration with research stations, lobby organisations, authorities and universities, guarantees a dominant market presence and a unique market penetration.

The product range of Orffa consists of the unique blend between distribution products, branded additives, and in house developed products. Orffa is a one stop shop, with products repartitioned in three product lines: ingredients, specialties and veterinarian pharma products.

Image studies demonstrate that Orffa is renown throughout the industry for the quality of its products, its reliability, its service level, the technical support it gives and because of the product mix it offers to customers.

Quality Control is a leading asset of the company. Orffa has all relevant Quality certifications. Orffa considers Quality control as a unique feature it offers to our customers, since it imports products from all over the world into the market place.

To find out more information about Orffa's aquaculture brochure, click here: https://orffa.com/app/uploads/booklet/aquaculture/index.html#p=1

Matthijs de Jong

Matthijs de Jong

Central Technical Manager